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The origin of Snarling Badger Games lies in an evening of gaming in the early 1990's. At that time, Adam Loper and Peter Spahos had just finished playing a role-playing game. It had been a rather eventful adventure that night, and the two were chatting about the experience. Eventually, discussion turned to another game (which will remain nameless) that the two had recently played – in particular its line of sight rules, which were contradictory and confusing. Having access to both the first and second edition rules, they found that instead of clarifying the rules in the second edition, the rules had become more confusing and contradictory. Finally, one of them said to the other, "You know, we could make a better game than this – or at least clearer rules." Thus, the idea to develop a game was planted in their minds.

In addition to their academic endeavors and extracurricular activities, Adam and Peter now added game design to their schedules. Their discussions and play-testing resulted in a purely combat-oriented game using robots as gladiators. Players would create a 'Bot with the sole purpose of destroying its opponents in an arena. And so, BattleBots was born.

As development progressed, Adam and Peter realized that it would not suffice to simply design a game. With much encouragement from their friends, they continued their endeavors with BattleBots and began to seek out possible publishers. To their dismay, they discovered various hurdles impeding the progress of becoming published by another company, especially when introducing your first product. Consequently, they decided to form a partnership and become their own publisher. They agreed to work on developing pocket games (or microgames). Somewhere along the way, Adam came up with the name and Snarling Badger Games joined the world of game publishers.

BattleBots debuted at GenCon 1993. Adam and Peter demoed the game in the Free Gaming Area, and arranged for BattleBots to be sold through The Wargame Room’s booth in the dealers’ area. Although sales weren’t much, they were gratified that fellow gamers really enjoyed playing their game.

GenCon 1994 saw Snarling Badger Games with its own single-product booth in the dealers’ area, where the second printing of BattleBots was both demoed and sold. This was truly an excellent experience from demoing and selling the game to meeting and interacting with other members of the gaming industry.

The third and final printing* of BattleBots saw the light of day at GenCon 1995. Once again an excellent time was had by all. Adam and Peter were able to hook up with some distributors, as well as connect with other industry members.

While it may seem that Snarling Badger Games had become a ghost since then, the truth lies elsewhere. In reality, Adam and Peter have been busy pursuing their careers and personal lives, as well as working on various projects for Snarling Badger Games. Ideas continue to percolate, mechanics are in development, and play-testing goes on. The investment in time has yielded the latest result – Zombie Rally.

Introduced at OshCon 2005, Snarling Badger Games’ latest product features zombies trying to get ahead in a dead-end world. Zombie Rally is a card game in which each player tries to be the first to get one’s zombie across the ghoul-line.

Snarling Badger Games is very grateful to all those who have helped along the way. Adam and Peter have been fortunate to have had (and continue to have) the assistance and support of their friends and families: Eric Berry, Leslie Cider, Ron Cider, Brian Clausen, Kristi Ross Clausen, Richard Dempsey, Jeff "Os" Koss, Uncle Phil Bob Krause, Stephanie Krause, Emily Selk Loper, Shawn Neldner, David Netz, David Nicholson, Beth Shepard, James "Sarge" Voigt, and Rayna Voigt.

* So, why the "final printing" comment? Well, it seems that a certain cable TV channel had a show with the same name as our game. At that time, this was not an issue as we were using different mediums – ours was a game, theirs was a TV show. However, the TV show proved popular, and they decided to make a game based on the TV show. Originally, they accused us of stealing their name. Then we demonstrated to them that we had first-use rights (by trademark law), and they became friendlier. In the end, we came to an agreement and stopped using the name so that they could produce their game. Henceforth, Snarling Badger Games will not produce a game with that name.

While we agreed to not use the name, we did retain our rights regarding the game mechanics. As a result, we have released an updated and expanded version of the game in PDF format with the title MetalKrushers.

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