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me: In six more months, your car loan will be totally paid off.
Em: Awesome
me: Then we can either dump that same amount of money into savings (as we won't notice the difference) or spend it on candy.
Em: Oooh! Candy!
Em: Just kidding. I really meant yarn.
me: That would be a lot of candy, and even a lot of yarn, unless it was made from Tibetan rabbits or something.
Em: Camel yarn is really expensive.
Em: So is qiviut. I don't even know how to spell it correctly.
me: Huh. Who would have thunk it.
Em: It's really, really soft.
me: Camels don't seem soft. They seem spitty.
me: And maybe bitey.
Em: They're spitty and bitey, but their coats are really soft. Like alpacas. And llamas.
Em: Llamas are spitty and bitey and also really soft.
me: I've never touched a camel. This is unremarkable I guess, as I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and never touched a cow.
Em: Yeah, you're definitely sheltered, animal-wise.
Em: I've even ridden a camel and an elephant, at the Milwaukee Zoo.
me: At the same time? That'd be xtreme!
Em: Shut it. Smartass.
me: I assumed the camel was on the elephant and you were on the camel.
Em: Or I was standing on them like water skis.
me: Horrible, uneven waterskis.
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I found this funny chat exchange that I archived a few months back:

me: Funny SPAM subject line:
me: "Your giant jang will rule the world"
me: Jang?
me: And rule the world? Really? How does that happen? Even Asia? Is this a ground campaign?
David: I'd just be upset that my Jang might try to subjugate me after years of abuse.
me: Yes, that is a very real possibility.
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Have I told you how awesome The War Store is? No? Well, I am a horrible person for not spreading this love sooner. They are an awesome online retailer for purchasing miniatures and miniatures stuff. They sell (pretty much) everything at 20% off and they only charge $4.95 for shipping, no matter what you're getting. They're fast and their customer service is excellent. Their website is massive and simple, making it easy to use. If you need to buy some miniatures or paint or terrain or whatever, you should get it from them. Do not argue with me on this.
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My spam is getting pounded lately and I don't know why. At some points I'm getting five to six pieces of spam every minute, which is great I might add. If you recently emailed me and happen to read this blog and I haven't returned your message or whatever, try again, I guess, or give me a phone call. I usually skim my spam folder before deleting it, but today I'm just dumping it wholesale.

In other news, I'm 18 again, as I was standing in line at midnight to buy Grand Theft Auto IV so I can drive like a douchebag and hassle (read: destroy) pedestrians. Remember, it's never too late to have a happy childhood, and I technically wasn't the oldest guy in line last night, so that makes it all right. Right?

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Okay, so the crazy Hollywood seige is mostly over. I can not only get to my apartment without being hassled by cops and production assistants, and can actually drive on most streets around my house, which is awesome. I never did see Johnny Depp, but I wasn't really looking for him. Plenty of other people saw him, as it seems he was really nice and shook hands and stuff almost every night after shooting. There are plenty of photos on Flickr of the work they did downtown to make it all old-timey, but these are mine. Take a look if you're bored.
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An open letter to the news department at the place what I work at:

The images that go into the photo galleries on the website need to be 436 pixels wide by 295 pixels high. This is also known as 436x295. I have sent process documents about this. I have explained it in person. I have corrected images from your people over and over again. This is not rocket surgery: it's two simple three-digit numbers. 436. 295. 436 by 295. Not 295 by 436. Not 435 by 291. Not 310 by 310. Not the letter L by the color brown. Not an episode of the hit TV show M.A.S.H. by the soundtrack for the movie Grease.

Four hundred and fucking thirty-six by two hundred and fucking ninety-five. Get it straight.

I would make a joke here about how a pistol might have a seven-day waiting period, but I can be back from Wal-Mart with a shotgun in 30 minutes or less like my name was Domino's, but I shan't make that joke. I have no intention of shooting anyone. Stabbing is better.
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me: I hates computerses. I'm going to become a shepherd.
Emily: But you hate the outdoors.
me: Indoor shepherd?
Emily: You'd better not bring any sheeps into our apartment. If you think cleaning the cat litter is stinky, I think you'll be impressed with sheep poop. And there's no litter for that.
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