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Zombie from Zombie Rally Hitting the Big Times?
Maybe a little bit: Zombie Rally, our non-collectible card game of zombie footracing, is now being distributed by Alliance Game Distributors, one of the nation's largest game distributors. We were listed in their Game Trade Magazine last month as a new product (we even got a graphic) so that means that games retailers from all over the country will see Zombie Rally and be able to order it directly from Alliance (and we've already talked to a few who have).
Zombie from Zombie Rally Zombie Rally Now Available in Electronic Format
Zombie Rally, Snarling Badger Games' first card game, is now available as a PDF. If you want to try it out before buying the real thing, or if you live overseas and don't want to pay so much in shipping (we do ship the printed version overseas; contact us for details, it might not be as expensive as you think) check the Zombie Rally page and click the link to the PDF retailer.
Snarling Badger Logo Concinnity in Milwaukee a Lot of Fun
Snarling Badger Games represented at Concinnity 2006 on the Milwaukee School of Engineering campus last weekend. We sold and demoed Zombie Rally, checked out the products in other small press game company's booths, and Adam checked out some panel discussions, including a really good one on Sunday aimed at the small press game publisher. All in all, a really good weekend.
Zombie Rally T-Shirt Design New Zombie Rally T-Shirt Design in the Store
You can now own a t-shirt with the little skull from the back of the Zombie Rally cards asking you, or anyone who will listen, to please lob him. If you play the game, you'll probably get this. If you don't play the game, then why not? This design is currently available on white, black and white "ringer" t-shirts. Go to the store and check it out.
Snarling Badger Logo SBG Returns Hot and Cold from Fire & Ice 2006
Peter and Adam had a booth at Fire & Ice 2006, a gaming convention in Sheboygan, WI last weekend, and things went quite well. Even though the Saturday of the convention was the coldest day of the winter so far, Zombie Rally heated up the dealer section. Not only did we sell to many convention-goers, but we also were able to meet with local stores Victory Games and My Parents Basement and now they both carry Zombie Rally as well.
Zombie from Zombie Rally Zombie Rally Released at OshCon 2005
Zombie Rally was officially released at OshCon 2005 in Oshkosh, WI at the UW-Oshkosh campus. The two-day tabletop gaming convention featured card games, board games, miniatures games and roleplaying games. We ran several demos of Zombie Rally on both days and sold quite a few copies, including copies to House of Heroes in Oshkosh and Cardz Xtcetera of Illinois. You can see more about Zombie Rally in our Products section.
Snarling Badger Logo New Web Site is Open for Business
We're pleased to announce the opening of our newly redesigned web site to coincide with the release of our new game, Zombie Rally. You'll currently be able to purchase Zombie Rally through our online shopping cart and a few hobby and game stores that are local to us, but we're working to soon get our games sold through distributors, as well. If you're with a distributor and would like to carry our game, let us know.
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