This page lists direct links to all of our gaming products and links to our wearables and accessories, produced by CafePress. PLEASE NOTE: Purchases of games from Snarling Badger Games and wearables and accessories from CafePress will be transactions from two totally different shopping cart systems. Therefore, buying a game and a t-shirt (for example) will require two separate transactions.

Wearables and Accessories

Simple SBG Logo

Currently, we have four t-shirt styles available with the simple, yet bold Snarling Badger Games logo. We'll have more products soon. Click for more...


Zombie Rally "Lob Me" Design

Three t-shirt styles available with the skull from the back of the Zombie Rally cards looking at you longingly with his one good eye, imploring you to lob him. If you own the game, you'll understand. Click for more...

Gaming Products
MetalKrushers PDF Game
Zombie Rally Card Game
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